Yes! There is nothing wrong with your eyes! In front of you-you’re seeing the very first blog entry of my newly (re)started blog called WORDWIRE. It has been quite a while since sat done and wrote an article for my personal blog. After the release of the DSGVO I was somewhat nervous about the possible problems it brought with it. Therfore and in a kneejerk reaction I decided to shut down my blog never to return.


I decided ‚what the hell‘ and brought WORDWIRE back to live. But before I can really start again writing and typing I have to fix some issuies regarding the DSGVO but I am back and I am here to saty.

Oh and by the way: by now you must’ve figgured that I decided to start writing in english. Can’t really tell if it stays that way but it’ll help me on improving my (written) english skills. Therefore: Cheerio lads! I see you around.